Programming in Prolog Part 4 - Lists, Pairs and the Member Function

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Following some learning exercises/tutorials online I encounter the bellow error when running my simple prolog program. testReverse :- transImage(reserseList,'imageIN.

8.20  List processing. append/3; member/2, memberchk/2; reverse/2;. (i.e. written in Prolog) and no error cases are tested. type_error(list,

Nov 9, 2012. is/2 infix operator is used to evaluate arithmetic expressions. It seems that you want to unify variable V with a term which is not an arithmetic expression (in this case a list), so you should use the equal operator ( = ). f(V):- V = [1,2,3,4,5]. or alternatively unify directly in the head of the procedure: f([1,2,3,4,5]).

Raises a type error if scanning List encounters a non-list. Note that memberchk/2 does not perform a full list typecheck. Powered by SWI-Prolog 7.7.4.

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SWI-Prolog — Manual – True if Elem is a member of List. The SWI-Prolog definition differs from the classical. Errors type_error(list, Arg) if either argument is not a proper or partial.

This document gets you started using SWI-Prolog on MS-Windows. It also describes the components and issues that are specific to MS-Windows. It is by no means a manual or Prolog tutorial. The reference manual is available online.

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Dec 19, 2016. This `chk' variant of member/2 is semi deterministic and typically used to test membership of a list. Raises a type error if scanning List encounters a non-list. Note that memberchk/2 does not perform a full list typecheck. For example, memberchk(a, [a|b]) succeeds without error. If List is cyclic and Elem is not.

4.4.1 Different kinds of codes; 4.4.2 Compilation scheme; 4.4.3 Using the compiler; 4.4.4 Running an executable; 4.4.5 Generating a new interactive interpreter; 4.4.6. 6.3.1 General format and error context; 6.3.2 Instantiation error; 6.3.3 Uninstantiation error; 6.3.4 Type error; 6.3.5 Domain error; 6.3.6 Existence error; 6.3.7.

2.1 Getting started quickly. 2.1.1 Starting SWI-Prolog. Starting SWI-Prolog on Unix. By default, SWI-Prolog is installed as `swipl’. The command line.

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Typical borderline cases are predicates accepting a compound term, e.g., point(X ,Y). One could argue that the basic type is a compound-term and any other compound term is a domain error. Most Prolog programmers consider each compound as a type and would consider a compoint that is not point(_,_) a type_error.

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Exception and Error Handling in Prolog. A list of standard Prolog errors are below: instantiation_error; type_error; domain_error; existence_error; permission_error;

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