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Error In Boonex Oct 30, 2013. You should insert the full path of the file you want to include. You can use __DIR __ (or dirname(__FILE__) to get the current directory, then, your code should look like this: <?php // add this to see an error if file is not found // and don't forget to remove this

NSNumber numberWithInt crashing on numbers >= 13. NSNumber *n1 = [NSNumber numberWithInt: 12];. the program crashes at runtime (no error messages,

Objective-C Succinctly: Exceptions and Errors. it can "throw" it to the nearest error handling block, return [NSNumber numberWithInt:arc4random_uniform.

I've a simple question (I think): I'm trying to compare a NSNumber with a int, to see if it is 0 or 1. Here is the code: id i = [dictionary objectForKey:@"error.

Converting an int into an NSNumber, then saving to an array. – Converting an int into an NSNumber, [NSNumber numberWithInt:. its mentioned as an NSNumber. But I get an error when I try to add the NSNumbers to the array.

Objective-C Literals. [NSNumber numberWithInt:42] NSNumber * fortyTwoUnsigned = @42 U;. It is an error to take the address of a subscript expression, or.

This code compiles without error but crashes the program:. Incrementing an NSNumber Hide Question. [NSNumber numberWithInt:.

Objective-C Quick Guide – Learning Objective-C in simple and easy steps : A beginner’s tutorial containing complete knowledge of Objective-C Syntax Object Oriented.

Apr 1, 2013. once see this one, NSString *string = @"123"; NSNumber *aNum = [NSNumber numberWithInteger: [string integerValue]]; NSLog(@"%@",aNum);//NSString to NSNumber NSInteger number=[string intValue]; NSLog(@"%i",number);// NSString to NSInteger.

3. 9. } 10. (void)application:(UIApplication*)application didFailToRegisterForRemoteNotificationsWi thError:(NSError*)error 11. 12. { 13. NSLog(@"Failed to get token, error: %@", error); 14. } When your app registers for the remote (push).

Objective-C is a general-purpose, object-oriented programming language that adds Smalltalk-style messaging to the C programming language. It.

objective c – NSNumber numberWithInt crashing on numbers >= 13. – Aug 23, 2011. Try surrounding your code (which you've placed in main) with a line to create and then drain an auto release pool: NSAutoReleasePool *pool = [[ NSAutoReleasePool alloc] init]; NSMutableArray* array1 = [[NSMutableArray alloc] initWithCapacity: 1]; NSNumber *n1 = [NSNumber numberWithInt: 12]; [ array1.

Jan 20, 2010. valueForKey: will return the NSNumber, not an integer. You need to call [ myNumber integerValue] on it. Edit: So you're assigning an NSNumber to an int16? That's not gonna work. You should change your variable type.

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