Bash Script 11: How to Input and Output Redirection in Bash

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Mar 17, 2010. echo hello > bash: syntax error near unexpected token `newline` $ echo. ambiguous redirect $ echo hello > "${NONEXISTENT}" bash: : No.

The Grymoire’s tutorial on the Bourne Shell

A complete guide for newcomers and advanced users to correct usage and deep understanding of the bash shell language.

Ambiguous redirect error for simple echo. up vote 0 down vote favorite. and I got the following error: bash: *: ambiguous redirect So, I tried to be more specific.

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BASH(1) BASH(1) NAME bash – GNU Bourne-Again SHell SYNOPSIS bash [options] [file.

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I'm getting error:./ line 93: logfile: ambiguous redirect when running this command in bash script Code: tar -cvzf "backupDir/ba

Jan 4, 2016. The word following the redirection operator in the following descriptions, unless. If it expands to more than one word, bash reports an error.

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bash – Ambiguous redirect error in shell scripting when creating file. – Aug 13, 2016. The $(date) in your example produces a timestamp with blanks. You might either use your function ( $(timestamp) ) instead, or quote the whole.

I'm rewriting a simple script,, I wrote a few years ago to copy contents from my NAS to a USB disk. #!/bin/bash SYNCPATH="/volume1/" SYNCPATHTO.

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I'm getting "ambiguous redirect " error in shell script even if I use double Quotes suggested by Getting an "ambiguous redirect" error. I'm passing it as shell.

This is easy using output redirection on the command line. Today we’ll cover how to send the output of a command to a text file in the bash shell on Windows, Mac, and Linux. To view the contents of the file in the Terminal window, use the.

Getting an "ambiguous redirect" error 7 answers. ambiguous redirect And the script no longer works. $ echo > $1 bash: $1: ambiguous redirect share.

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